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Join the innovative project to embark yourself into a social wellness lifestyle with amazing global community. We promote philosophy of LIV WELL – LIV LONG to help people and find the balance to accelerate productivity. Every community desire to reach balanced lifestyle. Liv Balneo inspire You to explore unknown communities in different places, grow your passions for travel and work remotely, improve your way of great performance on daily basis.

We are on the mission for ‘LIV WELL ~ LIV LONG’  lifestyle for creative and smart people who desire a quality of life by unlocking their own potential. 

Our passion and commitment is to encourage generations to take actions of health habits, focus and improve quality of work + lifestyle. Our collaborations determinate to accelerate the culture of well-being lifestyle in the world and you can be part of it. Liv Balneo community will let you to explore unique co-working places and co-living to suits your busy lifestyle. 

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