liv well ~ Liv Long

"Let`s embark societies into well-balance lifestyle with 'Liv Balneo' philosophy"
Kate Urmanska
Busy people who choose to become freelancers who are travelling most of the year, observing different societies and their own way to manage life & work together with finding best way to the powerful productivity. My experience make me to take a step forward  to start to create events, where people can receive the knowledge directly from wellness professionals, how to take action on well balance life. Very quickly realised of the scale of the problem societies had to find the best way to that balance which everybody talks about.
So in 2019 continue shaping the organisation that change the way, how people work and rest by introducing a social wellness lifestyle with connections to unique digital community. As i am lover of researching, and this time the research show us the directions of creating own philosophy of balancing a busy lifestyle on daily basis together with wellness activities.
Liv Balneo contains two words: Liv = for living – life and Balneo = taken from the word balneology, as we promote wellness activities focused on water, health habits. I created this organisation to support people around the globe, who chose to become freelancers simply to have the freedom to work from location of their choice, and easy access to finding balanced personal approach leading to a satisfaction and happiness.
As an organisation we have a mission for the societies around the word ‘LIV WELL ~ LIV LONG’  to allowing people to find desired way of giving their time for their passions and a quality of life by unlocking their own potential. 
Our passion and commitment is to encourage generations to take actions of their wellness & health habits, focusing and improving quality of work and lifestyle and Liv Balneo will help them daily.
Liv Balneo will help you to complete your projects by connecting you to the best co-working spaces and if needed co-living facilities too. We will offer straight forward connection to explore different places, follow your passion to different activities like sailing, horse riding or a unique workshops. 
As we cares about value and quality, every place or activity offered by Liv Balneo platform has been visited by our team in person to feel that positive vibes they got offer to you.
We are determinate to accelerate the culture of well being lifestyle in the world and you can be part of it, if you wish to become our Ambassador or a Partner, please do not hesitate to contact us via:
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